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I dont know wheather this is an opion section or a questions and awnswers sections but these are some questions I get asked, so I decided to make this page

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Debottnetting Windows 7

Before even starting, I highly reccomending deploying PiHole DNS Sinkhole. This PiHole instance can run on any device, ranging from a Raspberry Pi to a dedicated computer. But, whatever it runs on make sure that you use this blocklist: This should be a one-stop-shop to block most of the telementry domains that are used by Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. If you want to be even more safe, you can add

Don't worry I haven't fully moved over. In fact because all I do on my laptop is browse the internet, listen to music and use Linux appications, so, I plan on keeping my Laptop on Linux. Furthermore, I am giving myself a one week grace period of testing Windows out before I do a hard move-over and convert all my drives over to NTFS.

Not going to lie, Linux was amazing, and the commnities are something else, but it is inherently lacking in many aspects, and until they have better driver support, I will be sticking to Windows (at least until 2023). I plan to ride Windows 7 out into mid-2020 before upgrading to Windows 8.1 and riding that out until 2023 or 2024.

btw Happy 10th Birthday Windows 7


Debunking VPN Provider Myths

VPNs are a vital tool to bypass censorship, throttleing, and possible man in the middle (MiM) attacks. However, VPN providers say stuff like like it will prevent hacking, tracking, and goverments from spying on you to lure coustumers who dont know better to use their serivce. A VPN service may be able to possibly stop goverment spying, but if your system is already comprimised, a VPN is doing nothing but putting a hole in your wallet.

>VPNs make you anonymous

No, a VPN doesn't make you anonymous it is merely a tool that can possible stop ISP tracking and MiM attacks between you and the VPN server.

>My VPN provider doesn't collect logs

How can you prove that? IPVanish said that for years until they gave Homeland Security super detailed logs on a user who was using the service to do illegal stuff. This log not only included the "raw" Internet Protocol adrress he connected with, but even included domains visited, times they were visited and how much time said person spent on each domain ( []). Quite a lot of logs for a “no-logging” service.

>But I don’t trust my ISP

Yes your ISP keeps logs (they are most likely required to by governments), but at least they are open and up front about it. VPN providers fool people into thinking they are anonymous and that there are no logs kept. The main issue here is their “zero log policy” is talk and there is no way for the end user to prove or disprove logging, so the user is blindly trusting their VPN provider to not keep logs if they are using their service. And if the VPN provider is logging the user (despite the “zero log policy”), there may be no way to find out what they are doing with this data.

>My VPN provider is out of the 5/10/14 eyes, No Logs! I am free from spying!

Nope. Just because you are out of the 5/10/14 (whatever number you call it) eyes doesn’t mean that the VPN provider is keeping logs. While they may not be sharing the logs with their government, they may be sharing the logs with advertisers. However, the more likely case is that your VPN provider actually might be ran by that foreign government with the sole purpose of data-mining and attempting to steal data (i.e possibly ProtonVPN)

>My VPN encrypts my traffic

Now, this is kind of true. Your traffic is encrypted between you and the VPN server. This can possibly prevent MiM attacks by your ISP or a naughty person spoofing open WiFi. However if you are accessing an unencrypted site, the data becomes decrypted after it leaves the VPN server, meaning that a MiM attack can be performed between the VPN provider and the unencrypted site.

>Advertisers can’t track me because I’m sharing an IP with hundreds if not thousands of other people

NO NO NO! Besides cases like the botnet home speaker spyware sending ads to any device on one IP address, ads are based on device. This was in response to Carrier Grade NAT, allowing up to 10,000 subscribers to share 1 public IP. While this claim might be true in the early days of the internet, it is irreverent due to NAT and CGN

>Than what are the use cases for VPN’s?

VPNs are an excellent choose if you are worried about MiM attacks between you and the actual internet (Public WiFi, ISP spying), speed throttling (Verizon Wireless video streaming throttling), or bypassing censorship. However for MiM attacks and speed throttling, the user should strongly consider hosting a VPN from their home internet as opposed to using a paid service

>Then what should I do to stay anonymous or near anonymous and avoid tracking?

Use TOR with bridges. This will route your internet traffic through multiple routers on the internet, each one encrypting data, similar to an onion. Using bridges will fool deep packet inspectors into thinking you are simply loading HTTPs content. No method is foolproof, and no matter how careful you are, government agencies have a slim chance of tracing your traffic back to you. If you did buy the marketing, don’t feel stupid, VPN companies stay in business because they manipulate and scare users into thinking that the only way to anonymouize themselves is to use their service


Why The Dzuk Blockchain is a Threat to Free Speech On The Fediverse

Many people may not know what the Fediverse is, so I will start off my post explaining what it is. It is a decentalized group of socail networking servers that connect together and transfer posts. This is great for free speech as people are free to express their opion. However, recently many instance administrators have impleted the Dzuk Blockchain (formally the Dzuk Blocklist) in order to block instances that pumped out pornography and henti. While this might seem like a good idea, this Dzuk Blockchain has decided to start blocking instances because of the fact that they deny climate change! Fediverse Ban Free Speech Extremeists Fediverse BanBan 'Homepage'

As you can clearly see in these example these sites have been blocked because of the persons opion, and on the 'homepage' the bias can be clearly seen. For example, there is a huge section of instance blocks devoted to 'conspiracy theories'. Some stuff such as global warming can easily be debunked, but I will not do that in this post. But, according to the creator of the blocklist, not buying into global warming makes you a conspircy theorist. This is pure biast. Another way we can see it is if you look at the instance (which is now inactive), you can also see that is banned because the instance owner was against people who collected welfare pentions despate being able to work. Welfare pentions are where you claim you have a disability and the state gives you money to pay bills, etc. Sadly, able-bodied people have collected welfare pentions and have chosen to not work and help benifit society. Just because you are against able-bodied people being able to work doesn't mean that you should be instance banned.

Sadly, a lot of instances with a large amount of users, such as mastodon.socail have already implemented these blocklists. This is extermely dangerous as many of these people try to escape the centrailed snowglobes created by Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram. The people that join the Fediverse want free speech and freedom to view all opions, not cencored down, left-wing opions. Thats exactly what the Duzuk Blockchain does. I would completly understand a NSFW filter that blocks out certain instances and users that post NSFW content, but this filter should be able to be toggled on an off, but cencoring right-wing opions is another extreme. It is sad that in today's world, people cant tell the diffrence between a teenage posting edgy memes and a real neo-nazi. In closing, yes, there should be a NSFW filter for the Fediverse that blocks lewd photos, but users should have the option to opt-out of said filter

You can take a look at all the sites included in the blocklist here


Why I don't Use Instagram (And Facebook)

I used to be an active user on Instagram. I had been pressued by my freinds to use it. But, before the whole Facebook data scandal (Facebook owns Instagram) surfaced, I started getting extremly creepy ads. I would look up stuff on my computer, which had never been logged into Facbook, WhatsApp, or Instagram. That was the tip in the iceberg and I got rid of the app. Than I stumbled upon this Reddit Thread. After reading the thread, I decided it was best to close my Instagram and Facebook accounts, although they're probably still collecting my data and using it for ad's.


Why I Have Completely Switched to GNU/Linux

The most asked question I have gotten in these last couple weeks is why I have switched to "Linux". Before I tell you why, let me explain something. It is not Linux. It is GNU/Linux, or as I call it, GNU Plus Linux. This is because Linux is the kernal or the part of the operating system that interfaces software with hardware. GNU is the operating system. You can learn more here. Anyways, moving on, I moved to Linux because of what Microsoft was doing to its Windows Operating System. The main reason is that Windows is closed source. This means that Windows can add as much spyware (which they already do, I'll explain it later) as they want and no one will find out. In fact there is alarming evidence that there are multiple back-doors already in place for various US and foreign government agencies to actively spy on you while using Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

Secondly I mentioned Microsoft adding spyware to Windows. This spyware is wrapped in the “Diagnostic” settings in Windows. This spyware can’t even be turned off! At the most basic settings, Windows is set to send keystrokes, a list of running applications, when you’re at or away from your computer, and screenshots of errors. This is outrageous! And if you’re wondering why the government hasn’t gone after Microsoft? It’s simple: You agreed to this spying when you ticked that box for the EULA (plus they can obtain that data from Microsoft).

Also, I switched out of pure convince. Instead of having to scour the entire internet to install a single application, Linux users can simply download it from a repository. I use Manjaro GNU/Linux, a Arch-based distro. Arch GNU/Linux has the Aur repository, the largest, user-contributed repository. Windows can’t even come close, and you have to use this thing called a wizard to install a program. Are we still stuck in 1995? Yes, I know about the Windows Store, but it is a complete mess of counterfeit software, and touch-optimized apps. It seems like Windows just doesn’t care about there own Software store these days. Also, yes, I am aware of Ubuntu’s Large PPA, but Canonical Ltd, the company that distributes Ubuntu is a for-profit company and have tried to make as much software as they can closed-source, and are really pushing the GNU License. In face most Debian-based distros appear to do this.

n-based distros appear to do this.