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Spyware in Web Browsers and Alternitives


The most used program on a computer in 2020 is the Web Browser. It connects us to the rest of the world. However, many companies have taken note of that an have loaded up their web browsers with spyware, telmentry, keylogges, and other tracking mechnaisms to make money. Below is your web browser and alternitives to the web browser you are using.

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Windows End of Life Table


This blog post is intended to show the table styling on the website by showing the various end of life for various Windows editions.

List of Windows Versions and their end of lifes, and reccomended actions
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Windows Edition End of Life Reccomended Action
Windows XP (SP3) April 8, 2014 Upgrade Operating System
Windows Vista (SP2) April 11, 2017 Upgrade Operating System
Windows 7 (SP1) Janurary 14, 2020 Make Plans to Upgrade
Windows 8 2015 Upgrade Operating System
Windows 8.1 Janurary 10, 2023 Stay on 8.1
Windows 10 N/A

Hello World


This is the first blog post on the new webiste! The rest have been archived with the old website.